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Here Come Our Mothers, Bringing Us Presents
A Song For Mothers, From The African Tradition
Submitted by Daria

There are so many wonderful songs celebrating mothers.  And many people like to consider Mother’s Day the same type of holiday as Earth Day – a concept that should be honored daily and not just one particular day each year.
A while ago I recorded one of my favorite songs about mothers.  It’s called “Here Come Our Mothers, Bringing Us Presents” and it comes from the Zulu tradition of South Africa.  I learned the song and the story from a wonderful traditional group of singers from South Africa called Ladysmith Black Mambazo. Ladysmith Black Mambazo was formed in 1960 and has been creating beautiful vocal music with South African roots for almost 5 decades!
This particular song is about a group of mothers from a small village.  They work hard tending their crops all year long, then they harvest them and go to market.  The mothers sell what they have and buy what they need – but some money is still left over.  With the extra money they bring home something special for their children.  On that day in the village, the children are being very good.  They are cleaning, working and behaving themselves.  And when they see the mothers coming down the road, they break into song – wondering what their mother has brought to share with them.  They imagine sweets or treats or delicious fruits, or perhaps something that can only be bought in town.
You can see my video of this wonderful song at Free Songs for Kids.  You can also download free coloring pages One and Two to accompany my song.
I love to perform this song live and add suggestions from the audience.  The children usually come up with some fun ideas of what might be found in their mothers' baskets!  Or sometimes I perform it with a school and add things they might like to hear in the song like a different variety of fruits or other items related to a school project or activity.  You can also purchase my Sheet Music and create your own unique version.
In any event, it’s wonderful to see how universal it is to appreciate mothers and all the gifts they bring to their children -those that can be found in a market basket or those that can only be found in a mother’s heart!
Happy Mothers Day To All!

"Here Come Our Mothers" is also available on Daria's I Have a Dream:  World Music for Children.  

 Listen to a short sample of this song.

Please see our Mothers' Day, Family, Multicultural and Values Song Lyrics.



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