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It's Halloween!

Mar. Harman

       It's Halloween ~ a favorite holiday for many of us who grew up before all the 'bad' connotations started being put on it.  Don't let the politically correct police ruin a wonderful holiday.  There are many parts of it that are quite good for children (young and old.)

       Peter Alsop says in his workshops that there are no such things as negative and positive emotions.  Rather, there are comfortable and uncomfortable emotions.  Uncomfortable emotions are important because they make us affect change.  We will all experience an uncomfortable emotion once in a while, if not even on a daily basis.  If we do not give children the experiences (in a safe environment) to feel those emotions and know they are safe, they will not have any tools to deal with them when they do happen.  And, they will.

     Music that is a little scary may make children uncomfortable.  When an adult helps them through it by saying, "That does sound a little scary, but we will be ok.  Let's listen and see what happens." it helps the child relax and pay attention to what is happening.   By enforcing, "We're okay" (and making sure the song isn't lasting too long), the child then hears the happy ending and the brain sends the message "You felt uncomfortable, but you are all right."

      Dressing up to pretend to be something you are not is also an important part of play and development.   Often children will dress as something they are a little afraid of.  This helps them conquer that fear by becoming that persona and controlling it.  Sometimes, they dress as something they'd like to "try on."  (Come on, ladies.  What do you dress like for Halloween?)

     And a last important factor is rituals and routines.  Human beings need holidays to look forward to.  It gives life meaning.  Imagine if every day was just another day with no special days to look forward to.  Did you like that thought?

So get out "Dark, Dark", "Spider on the Floor", "The Little Old Lady Who Wasn't Afraid of Anything", "Five Pumpkins on the Gate" (although I do change witches in the air to voices in the air; your choice) and any other Halloween song you love and let the Holiday be what it's supposed to be ~ an opportunity to dress up and get CANDY!!!

 - Mar. Harman

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The Little Old Lady Who Wasn’t Afraid of Anything



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