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Written by Denise Gagne

If your students have performed in a holiday concert, give them the opportunity to identify and give examples of their strengths and areas for growth as musical performers and as audience members. There are different ways that they can evaluate their performance.

The teacher could ask the class questions.

For example:
      - If you were to perform this song again, what would you change and why?
      - What parts of the song did you find challenging?
      - What parts of the song did you find most interesting to sing? Why?

Quick Self-Assessment
      - Show me 1 finger if you didn’t sing.
      - Show me 2 fingers if you sang, but you didn’t try your best.
      - Show me 3 fingers if you tried your very best, and sang with your best singing voice.

Use 1 finger, 2 fingers, 3 fingers as a reflective response for many other areas:

Were you a good listener in the concert?
      - Did you like the way you performed in the Christmas concert?
      - Did you behave well for the substitute teacher yesterday?
      - When you were moving, did you try your best?

Written Self-evaluation

I sang with my very best singing voice.
Always ___ Almost always ___ Sometimes ___ Seldom ___

I used my eyes and face to express the words of the song.
Always ___ Almost always ___ Sometimes ___ Seldom ___

I used good posture while singing.
Always ___ Almost always ___ Sometimes ___ Seldom ___

My eyes were focused on the conductor during the performance.
Always ___ Usually ___ Sometimes ___ Seldom ___

I remember all (or most) of the words to the songs.
Always ___ Usually ___ Sometimes ___ Seldom ___

I was a good audience member for the other performers.
Always ___ Usually ___ Sometimes ___ Seldom ___

(would you like this assessment as a pdf file to print? email denisegagne1@gmail.com and I'll send it to you.)

Concert Etiquette Rap:
by Denise Gagne and Denese Odgaard

Very cheesy, but if you have a couple of good students read it to your audience before starting your concert, you may educate your audience in what concert etiquette should be.

Welcome to our concert - we’re really glad you came.
We will listen carefully - we hope you do the same.

Some of us are really small - our voices aren’t too strong.
If you’re really quiet - you’ll still hear - you won’t go wrong.

We have a few suggestions to make this fun for all.
Please turn your CEL phones off so they don’t ring inside the hall.

If you really have to go, please leave when there’s applause.
You may enter once again - when there is a pause.

Save the hoots and hollers for when you’re at the game.
When you’re at a concert, it isn’t quite the same.

We hope that you will stay and watch until the very end.
We really will appreciate this - our thanks to you we’ll send!


© Denise Gagne. All rights reserved.

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