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April is Save the Frogs Month!
Submitted by Dianne Baker


Mister Frog” and other characters found in my story/songs have helped many children enhance their emergent reading skills. I have spent many years working in schools across the U.S.A. and have witnessed many times the power of music to motivate children to read. One of my favorite quotes is from a well -known language arts specialist and former President of National Council of Teachers of English:

"I can think of no happier gifts that teachers /parents/grandparents can give to themselves and to children than those that offer reading interests and skills achieved through singing” Dr Sheila Fitzgerald, Ph.D -Michigan State University Professor Emerita

In the spring time especially, I use catchy, fun, and engaging songs to also help children understand why it it so important for all of us to care for nature. Songs such as “Save the Earth” and “Plant a Tree for Tomorrow” help students become more aware of their surroundings and even interested in research to find out what living things are at risk of extinction because of loss of their habitats. These songs are sung with great feeling as the students celebrate Earth Day on April 22nd.

After singing “Mister Frog, You Just Think Youʼre Smart" story/song about the transformation of a wiggly tadpole to a laughing, jumping, croaking frog, we usually
discuss frogs and their habitat. We quickly found out that there is great concern by scientists and ecologists regarding the frog population. Dr. Kerry Kriger from
Save the Frogs Foundation (visit www.savethefrogs.com) states that “frogs (and all amphibians) around the world are in dire straits, with nearly one-third of the worldʼs 6,317 species on the brink of extinction. There is a real threat to amphibians (good bioindicators for us) from the deadly chytrid fungus plus habitat destruction, pollution, pesticides, climate change and invasive species”. This concern has led to more research and an annual international SAVE THE FROGS DAY! (this year it is April 29, 2011) I have composed the song “SAVE THE FROGS!" which has been used in many Earth Day programs. If your students want to be active in documenting observations, then they can visit

I have received great feedback from educators and parents for the above songs. They comment that the songs are valuable in new programs their schools are developing to give students more hands-on experiences with nature. These programs were created to prevent nature-deficit disorder explained in Richard Louvʼs book
*Last Child in the Woods

* Quote from book Last Child in the Woods”- Author: Richard Louv :
“An increasing pace in the last three decades, approximately, of a rapid disengagement between children and direct experiences in nature …this has profound implications, not only for the health of future generations but for the health of the earth itself."

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