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Dad Threw the TV Out the Window
Song Lyrics and Sound Clip
Bill Harley

This song is available on Bill Harley's You're in Trouble.

It was in the morning, a sunny Saturday
I turned on the TV and on the couch I lay
I watched my favorite program and another two or three
When my dad came in the room and said these words to me
"Son, turn off the TV now, there's lots of things to do
Your ben's not made, the chores aren't done, the sun is shining too"
I said "Oh Dad, I'm busy now, I've got to watch this show"
I guess I should have listened, but how was I to know?
Cause then he walked across the room and then he pulled the plug
He lifted up the television and skipped across the rug
He opened up the window, and then I screamed "Dad, NO!"
But he gave the thing a heave and I watched the TV go, oh

Dad threw the TV out the window, the window
I think he's finally cracked
Dad threw the TV out the window, I got a feeling that it isn't coming back

When I saw it go, when I heard it crash
I knew that things at our house would soon be changing fast
My dad looked out the window and mumbled "My oh my"
My brother looked out too and said
"I'm gonna die!"
And that night after dinner when we went to watch the set
All we found was nothing, I said
"How could I forget"
My brother lay down on the floor and moaned "What will I do?!"
I said "Why don't you move away?" he said, "The same to you!"
But then he told a joke, and I told two or three
And the one about the elephants made dad fall on his knees
And my mom did her impression of a duck that couldn't fly
That would have made you wet your
pants and maybe even cry, all because


Life without a television wasn't what I feared
I didn't really miss it though some friends thought I was weird
I didn't miss commercials and all the blood and guts
And all the stupid shows my brother watched that drove me nuts
But then one sunny Saturday my dad could not be found
I looked high and low when from his room I heard a sound
I ran into his room to see what it could be
And I found my father hiding there watching a TV
I said "Oh Dad, now really, you ought to be ashamed"
He said kind of sheepishly, "I want to watch the game"
I picked up the TV and waltzed across the room
I gave the thing a heave and waited for the boom.


It is also available on Bill Harley's Play It Again.


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Many thanks to Bill Harley for permission to publish these lyrics.
© Bill Harley, Round River Music. All rights reserved. Reprinted with permission.