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Let's Make a Rhyme
Children's Rhyming Song Lyrics & Sound Clip
Cathy Bollinger

This song is available on Cathy Bollinger's Tunes That Teach

I was walking down the street
I stopped to get something to eat.
I saw my friend with a crooked smile
And stopped to talk to him for a while.

He said, let’s make a rhyme.
Let’s make a rhyme.
Oh the flea ate a pea with a bee in a tree
And then he took a nibble of me.

I passed a gal with a feathered hat.
She had two dogs and one grey cat.
She said hi there, hope you’re doing fine.
But Mr. can’t you read the sign?

It says, let’s make a rhyme.
Let’s make a rhyme.
Oh the hog saw a dog on a log with a frog
So the hog ran home jiggity jog.

boy - toy cat - bat
red - bed dog - log
house - mouse bee - knee
twig - pig sit - knit

Taking a walk on a sunny day.
Bright and early in the month of May.
I don’t see a rain cloud my sight.
In fact I’d say this day’s just right.

So, let’s make a rhyme.
Let’s make a rhyme.
Oh the cat found a gnat in the hat of a bat
And the rat said how about that



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Many thanks to Cathy Bollinger for permission to display these lyrics.
© Cathy Bollinger. All rights reserved.

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