The Couch Potato Pokey
Dr. Jean Feldman

This song is available on Is Everybody Happy?

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You put your thumbs in.  
You take your thumbs out.
You put your thumbs in,  
And you wiggle them all about.             
You do the couch potato pokey,           
And you roll your arms around.
That's what it's all about!                     

You put your noses in...
You put your elbows in...
You put your eyebrows in...
You put your chins in...
You put your pinkies in...

Give a microwave with your pinkies
And say good-bye today,
Cause that's all we're going to play!

(thumbs out in front)
(thumbs behind)
(thumbs in front)
(wiggle thumbs)

(wave arms in air)
(roll hands over)
(slap, clap, snap)

This song is available on Is Everybody Happy?

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