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The Money Song
Dr. Jean

This song is available on Dr. Jean's Is Everybody Happy?

I like money to buy things at the store
      (Point to self.)
Money, money, money, I always want more!  
      (Palms up and shake.)

A penny's worth one cent.                                    
      (Hold up 1 finger.)
A nickel's worth five.                                          
      (Hold up 5 fingers.)
A dime's worth ten cents.                                
      (Hold up 10 fingers.)
A quarter's twenty-five.

      (Open and shut hands for 25.)

Lincoln's on one cent.
Jefferson's on five.
Roosevelt's on ten cents.
Washington's on twenty-five.                    


A building's on one cent.
A building's on five.
A torch is on ten cents.
An eagle's on twenty-five.                    


      Enlarge pictures of coins and hold up as you sing.
Have children do rubbings of coins.  Place each coin under a sheet of paper and rub with the side of a crayon.  Who do they see?  What's it worth? Let children examine coins with a magnifying glass.  Encourage them to discuss details.  How old is the coin?


This song is available on Dr. Jean's Is Everybody Happy?

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