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Vowels: A E I O U and Sometimes Y
Song for Teaching about Vowels
Felice Green, Ed.M.

This song is available on Grammar & Punctuation Songs

The vowels are
A E I O U and sometimes Y.
They each have two sounds.
You'll get it if you try.

Vowels are tricky
They're short and long.
Let's try to understand
By singing this song.

The vowels are
A E I O U and sometimes Y.

Long vowels always
Say their name.
Like "dime" and "fuse"
"Goat," "green," and "game."

If you don't understand
What I'm talking about yet,
Remember long vowels
Always sound like they do
In the alphabet.

Short vowels are the ones
That give us trouble.
Like how the "U" says "uh"
In Barney Rubble.

"A" says "a" as in that fat cat.
"E" says "e" as in wet and pet.
"I" says "i" as in thin and pin.
"O" says "o" as in soggy log.

These short vowels are
The ones that we don't get
Because "A" says "at."
And "E" says "wet."

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Many thanks to Kidzup for permission to display these lyrics.
© Kidzup Productions. All rights reserved.

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