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Musical Game for Teaching Dynamics
Ben Stiefel

Excerpted from Chapter 4: Bribe 'Em With Percussion.
in Ben Stiefel's
Winning Over Your TOUGHEST Music Class.

Percussion Game #3:
Dynamics Mix-Up

     Create four manipulative cards, each with one of the following dynamics written in large letters:

f      mf      mp      p

     Give the manipulative cards to four students and have them stand side by side, displaying their cards.

     Assign percussion instruments to any number of students who will comprise the first rhythm band.

     Explain to the rhythm band members that when the entire class says “go,” they must play their instruments for eight beats following the first dynamic marking, then eight beats for the second dynamic marking, etc...

     The entire class can count out loud, "one, two, ready, GO!", and then continue to count the beats while the rhythm band plays. When finished, the card holders rearrange themselves and the rhythm band then plays again. After the rhythm band plays the dynamics four times through, each band member and cardholder selects someone new to take his place.


More percussion activites are included in this chapter.

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Many thanks to Ben Stiefel for permission to display these lyrics.
© Ben Stiefel. All rights reserved. Used with permission.


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