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The "-ock" Phonogram
Teaching Short Vowel Word Families
Felice Green, Janet Sclaroff and Robert Sands

This song is available on Phonics Songs: Short Vowels


The letters o-c-k
They always say ock.

Just like in the words
Rock and dock.
Shock and Lock
And block and knock.

The letters o-c-k
They always say ock.

R says r.
Put r before ock
R-ock always says rock.

D says d.....

Well, k-n says n.....

Now let's use
Some of these new words
In a silly song
That you have never heard:

I just heard a knock
On the fishing dock.....

So I grabbed for the block.....

Now YOU can say the words with ock.....

Now remember, the letters o-c-k....


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