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Extension Activities for Los Animales

To purchase the Jim Nailon's "Los Animales Download with Lyrics", please Click Here.

Los Animales Right-Hand Music Notation with Chords is also available.

The first 6 ideas are Jim Nailon’s. Additional activities were provided by other teachers who use this song with their students. If you have, and would like to share, a suggestion for a new extension activity, email a brief description of your idea to Jim at: jim@liturgicalguitarist.com. He will see that it gets added to this list. Be sure to include your name, school, city and state, so you can be acknowledged as the contributor.

  • After singing the song, ask simple song related questions such as:
  • ¿Cuál animal persigue su cola?
  • ¿Qué dice el caballo?
  • ¿Dice el oso, “Oinc, oinc?”
  • ¿Nada el pato en el campo?
  • ¿Qué hace el pato?
  • Guide the class to make up their own verses. Use the instrumental version of the song to accompany your class as you sing your original verses.
  • Learn habitats in Spanish and classify the animals by their habitats.
  • Which animals sound the same in English and Spanish? Which sound different? Discuss whether or not some animals would need to learn Spanish if they want to communicate with their cousins in Spanish speaking countries. (This can be fun in primary grades.)
  • Explore animal sounds from other languages. Listen to recordings of actual animal sounds and decide which language comes closest to the real sound made by the animals.
  • Compare singular and plural versions of the songs. What has to change? What doesn’t? Why? How is this like, or unlike English?

    • Your idea will go here …




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