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Static Stretch
Song For Teaching the Importance of Stretching Your Muscles
GeoFitness - Dr. Debby Mitchell
Performed by Music with Mar.

This song is available on GeoFitness' "Excercise Your Smarts"


After you cool down, your muscles are still warm
Receptive to stretching—so use good form
During your workout muscles shorten and contract
If you don’t stretch them, you’ll leave them like that

Hold each stretch 10 seconds or more
You should not feel pain—I implore
If it hurts, back off till you feel only tension
Hope this news gets your attention

Toe touches are safer when you sit
Extend your arms as far as your back will permit
For this hamstring stretch, slightly bend at the knee
Keep toes flexed to stretch calves, I decree

Put your legs in straddle—legs are wide
Reach and rotate hand to one side
Reach for your toes—as far as you can bend
Keep knees soft—don’t hyperextend

Now rotate to the other leg
C’mon do it—I don’t want to beg
You should feel your muscles more relaxed
You can feel it especially in your back

Try the quad stretch—lying down or from a stand
Grab one foot with the alternate hand
Bend at the knees—bring your foot towards your rear
Relaxing the muscle—be gentle you hear

Lyrics continued...
A copy of the complete lyrics are included with this download.

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Many thanks to Dr. Debby Mitchell for permission to display these lyrics.
© GeoFitness. All rights reserved. Used with permission.

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