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Tisket A Tasket-Ball
Action Song for Young Children
Wendy Rollin

This song is available Wendy Rollin's "Musical Games & Action"

For this favorite musical game, we use a large, plastic garbage can, filled with soft, softly inflated plastic balls.

We sing the song twice –

A tisket, a tasket

Throw your ball in the basket

Throw your ball, throw your ball

Throw your ball in the basket

Then, with the younger children, 3 and under, I lift the can, turn it over, letting the balls cascade over the children who are laughing with delight.
They pick up the balls and “throw” or more precisely “put” the balls in the can –
This is how they make a basket. We applaud each basket.

With older children, 4 and over, to avoid mayhem on the “court,”
I have them sit in their chairs and each one is given a ball to hold on his or her lap.
Then, after we sing the song two times, the name of each child is called out
in announcer fashion, and he or she then takes his or her best or fanciest shot!
We re-sing the song each time the lyrics are sung on the album.


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Many thanks to Wendy Rollin for permission to display these lyric excerpts.
© Wendy Rollin. All rights reserved. Used with permission.

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