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Turkey in the Straw
Dance for Young Children
Wendy Rollin

This song is available Wendy Rollin's "Let's Dance!"

Everyone picks a partner and faces partner.
We clap our own hands on clap clap clap
We stomp alternating feet on stomp stomp stomp

Turning around Turning around
Gently around Gently around
We hold our partners hands, and gently turn around

Face your partner Stop right now
Say, “Turkey in the Straw”
And take a bow!
We stop turning. Face our parter
Say Turkey in the Straw with the song
And bow to our partner.
Then the entire dance repeats.


(Alternate non-partnered version can be done with individual children standing in a big
circle. Stepping and stomping are the same. Turning around is done by individuals simply
turning around in place, wiggly-fingered hands held high in the air as they turn.)


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Many thanks to Wendy Rollin for permission to display these lyric excerpts.
© Wendy Rollin. All rights reserved. Used with permission.

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