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Amen and Achoo
Alphabet Song Lyrics and Sound Clip
Kelly Good

This song is available on Kelly Good's Singing Through the Alphabet

Aiden and Ava said amen and ate Amy’s angel food cake.
(yum, yum, yum)

A a men, A a men, A a men, A a men,
A men, A men, Aa men, A men.

Adam and Abby said achoo and acted like the animals do.
Meow ooh ooh, ahh

A a choo, A a choo, A a choo, A a choo,
A choo, A choo, A a choo, A choo.

A a men, A a choo, A a men, A a choo,
A men, A choo, A a men, Achoo!

Split the kids up into two groups: the"Amens" and the "Achoos". Have them sing the verses together. They can rub their bellies for the "yum, yum, yum" and make any animal sounds for the "like the animals do" line. In the chorus, the Amens can put their hands together like they're praying and sing the “amen” part as loud as they can. When it's the Achoos' turn, they can put their fingers under their noses like they're going to sneeze and sing the“achoo” part as loud as they can. In the last chorus, they take turns.

The Ants Go Marching” is another great “A” song!


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Many thanks to Kelly Good for permission to display these lyric excerpts.
© Kelly Good Music. All rights reserved. Used with permission.


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