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Find the Pet That's Right For You
Animal Song Lyrics and Sound Clip
Music with Mar.

This song is available on It's A ZOO On Here!

I always wanted a pet from when I was small.
I saw my friend’s pets and wanted them all

A bird on a perch. A fish in a bowl.
A teeny mouse who pokes out from his hole

My parents told me a pet would be fine
but there were things to learn before one was mine.

How to take care of it, what its needs would be
Learn what kind of pet would live best with me

You can have a dog, cat or elephant, too.
Find the pet that’s right for you

It will be a friend. Take care of your pet.
No matter what kind of animal you get.

A dog needs to walk, a horse to run.
A hamster likes a wheel to have some fun.

Some pets need a license; that’s animal control.
Keep populations down. That’s the vet’s role

Feed it, water it, hold it. Give it love.
Getting a pet was all I could think of.

Read about your pet.
Learn what you need to know
Your pet will be your family.
Together you will grow.

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Many thanks to Mar. Harman for permission to display these lyric excerpts.
© Music with Mar, Inc. All rights reserved. Used with permission.

Animal Song Lyrics

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