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The Animal Dance
Song about Animals
Phil Rosenthal

The complete song is available on Phil Rosenthal's Animal Songs.


The pig is picking on the banjo strings
The cow starts swaying and the cow bell rings
The tomcat's strumming on a big guitar
And the monkey hits the drum

The song they're playing is a pretty tune
It carries far by the light of the moon
Two by two, down to the barn,
The animals start to come

Grab your partner, away you go
Listen to the old banjo
Move your feet in time with the beat
As over the ground you prance.

The roosters crow and the monkeys bray.....


The toad hops up on the chicken's back.....


The skunk and the beaver say hello.....



The porcupine has prickly fur.....


The possum's swaying upside down.....



The chickadee and the mockingbird.....


The mountain lion leaps about
The rabbits hop and the crows all shout
They're getting tired, but there's no doubt
The party isn't done



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Many thanks to Phil Rosenthal for permission to display these lyrics.
© Phil Rosenthal. All rights reserved. Used with permission.


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