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Hey, Mister Monkey!
Margie La Bella

  Listen to a sample.
This song is available on Margie La Bella's Sing!

Oo, oo oo. Ah, ah ah. Ee ee ee.
Oo, oo oo. Ah, ah ah. Ee ee ee.
Oo oo oo. Ah, ah, ah. Ee, ee, ee.
Oo, oo oo. Ah, ah ah. Ee ee ee,
swinging in a tree.

Hey, Mr. Monkey livin’ up in a tree.
A coconut is what I see.
Climb to the top and what do you think?
Crack it open and take a drink.

Scratch your head and scratch your chin.
Stick out your tongue and pull it in.
Scratch your side. Oh, what could it be?
You're turning into a chimpanzee!

Livin’ in the circus. Livin’ in the zoo.
Livin’ in the jungle. Livin’ true blue.
Livin’ in the trees is the best thing yet.
I wish that you could be my pet!


Benefits: The children gain vocal and oral-motor experience as they sing “ah,” “ee,” and “ooh.” They remember and sequence sound patterns.

Other uses: The children can jump (or move/motion) during the verses, if they have an excess of energy. Then, they sit and sing the chorus. You may even wish to pause and resume the CD and have the children dance and “freeze” during the verses. Again, toys and puppets provide opportunities for all levels of interaction. Use the chorus to help articulation by adding different consonants in front of the vowels.


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Many thanks to Margie La Bella for permission to display these lyric excerpts. 
© Margie La Bella. All rights reserved. Used with permission.


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