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Music for Children with Autism

These songs for children with autism are available from a variety of albums:

Body Check – Tuned In To Learning
Body Talk – Tuned In To Learning
Breathe– Lauren Mayer 
The Colors of the Rainbow – David Putano
Choo Choo Hello – Ahjay Stalino
Compliments – Tuned In To Learning
The Days of the Week – David Putano
Elephant Stomp – Ahjay Stelino
Emotion – Songs For Speech and Language Skills
Everybody Touch Your Head – Margie La Bella
Everyone Is Differently Abled – Lorraine Bayes and and Danny Deardorff
Everyone Has Strengths to be Proud Of – Cathy Bollinger
The Expression on My Face –Tuned In To Learning
The Feelings in My Heart – Listen and Learn
Follow and Lead – Dr. Mac. - Happy Kids Songs
Funny Food– Lauren Mayer 
Hey Hello – Margie La Bella
He's Got The Whole World In His Hands (slow version) – Margie La Bella
Hello Body (Body Awareness) –Fr. Jeremy Jensen - Mindful Youth Project
I Can Say "Excuse Me" – Cathy Bollinger
I Stay Peaceful and Calm – Growing Sound
It's a Snap– Lauren Mayer
It's Okay That Sometimes I Don't Understand – Cathy Bollinger
Let Me Play Too– Dr. Mac. - Happy Kids Songs
Let's Get Movin'– Lauren Mayer
Looking for the Good– Lauren Mayer 
Look Towards Their Eyes – Cathy Bollinger
Look at Your Neighbor – Tuned In To Learning
Move and Stop – Margie La Bella
Move It To the Music – Margie La Bella
Mr. Hummingbird (Focused Listening) – Mindful Youth Project
My House – Lisa Barnett
My Turn, Your Turn – Cathy Bollinger
Roll With It– Lauren Mayer 
One Quiet Minute (Impulse Control) – Mindful Youth Project
The Opposite Song – David Putano
People Like It When I Say "Hi" – Cathy Bollinger
Same and Different Too – Dr. Mac. - Happy Kids Songs
Songs at MY Speed – Margie La Bella
Sometimes It Takes a Few Mistakes – Growing Sound
Stand Up, Sit Down – Margie La Bella
Stop and Think – Growing Sound
Strangers & Friends – Growing Sound
Super Student – Tuned In To Learning
Time To Eat – Jaycie Voorhees
Time to Change– Lauren Mayer
Thank You – Jaycie Voorhees
Wait, Wait!– Lauren Mayer
We All Have Feelings – Margie La Bella
The Wheels In The Band – Margie La Bella
When I Feel Angry – Jaycie Voorhees
When Your Manners Shine – David Putano
Yes, I Can – Lauren Mayer
You've Got to Wait– Margie LaBella

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