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So Cold Outside
Song for Teaching About the Weather
Fran Avni

This song is performed on Fran Avni's Artichokes and Brussel Sprouts.

This song is performed on Fran Avni's Tuning Into Nature.

Brrr - it’s cold outside.
Better keep your toes and fingers hiding.
Let’s have some fun then we’ll run back in
To warm our frozen noses cheeks and chin.

Let’s build a snowman tall
Make a few angels, throw a few snowballs
Then before the sun gets low,
Jump up and down to shake off the snow.


Snug and warm back inside
We’ll hang our snowsuits up to dry
Scratch some ice from the windowpane
Tomorrow gonna do it all again.


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Many thanks to Fran Avni for permission to display these lyrics.
Words and music © Fran Avni .  All rights reserved.



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