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Topsy Turvy
Song for Teaching About Compound Words and Syllables
Fran Avni

This song is also performed on Fran Avni's I'm All Ears: Sing Into Reading.

Find more pairs of words that can be switched in this song.
     For a change of pace include other words that have the same sound at both the beginning and at the end, such as "judge", "Dad", or "nine."

At the tip of the pit or the top of the pot,
Backward words are what you've got.
Mid is dim and mud is dumb,
See if you can think of some.

Flipping, slipping sounds around,
Skipping from the front to back,
Switch and sing a new sound song,
You'll soon get the knack.

Make is came and mate is tame,
The sound in the middle stays the same.
Gut is tug and gum is mug,
Give yourself a great big hug.


Tack is cat and tab is bat,
But Mom stays Mom, you can count on that.
Pup stays pup and roar stays roar,
Can you think of any more?

Peach is cheap and peek is keep,
Soon you'll do this in your sleep.
Leaf is feel and note is tone,
Now I think you're on your own.



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Many thanks to Fran Avni for permission to publish these lyrics.
© Fran Avni. All rights reserved.




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