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13 Colonies
Teacher Reviews

"I liked the music, humor, and social studies standards the play contained. I loved that a musical dummy like me could put it on. The songs were great---I still sing them all the time. When students actively participate in a lesson, they are more likely to remember it."

---Amanda Dedmond, Teacher (5th grade), Cynthia Heights Elementary, Evansville, IN

"When my class did 13 Colonies this year, we had more fun that I've ever had with a class during my 22 years of teaching!"

---Kimberly Fee, Teacher (5th grade) Summit Charter, Porterville, CA

"13 Colonies was a first for me---a musical, that is. I was hooked after reading the script and listening to the CD. The tunes are catchy and the humor mature but appropriate. The word play was great and the adults in the audience never stopped laughing! The instructions and hints in the manual are terrific. We pulled off a spectacular show in four weeks."

---Diane Smith, Teacher (5th grade), Cascade Brook School, Farmington, ME

"Lots of history really fast. Got kids thinking about history in a different way. As the music teacher, I can tie in what I am teaching with what the students are learning in class. Great stuff. I'm glad I found you."

---Heather-Lynne Shannon, Teacher (music 1-6th), Montessori School of Florence, Florence, SC

"The easy-to-follow script, catchy songs, and added humor make the play production a delight for all (students, teachers, and parents! Besides using the plays to give my students another avenue to strengthen/inspire their creativity, the plays work well as supplemental textbooks/teaching aids. The students love to learn the information in the play format.

---Lisa Boothe, Teacher, (3rd/5th grade), Carl Hankey School, Mission Viejo, CA

"Easy! Fun! User friendly! It had wonderful humor and catchy lyrics, and was easy to learn. The benefits was maximum learning; all the students were engaged."

---Shirley Jacobs, Teacher, (5th grade), Irving Elementary, Bloomington, IL

"I see your display every year at the CAG (California Association for the Gifted and Talented) conference. Last year I finally bought the 13 Colonies. It took me until this year to get brave enough to actually try doing it with my class. I was a nervous wreck. I want to tell you that it turned out better than I ever imagined. The kids were wonderful and learned so much history by doing this play. The parents raved about the performance. I'd like to thank you so much for making my debut as a director a success. You have me hooked!"

---Celeste Bordner, Teacher, (5th grade), Valley Springs, CA

"It was fabulous! Not only was the show funny and entertaining but my class learned a lot about history. My principal was very impressed! I hated doing plays before and now I can't wait until next year!"

---Jennifer Baker, Teacher (4th grade), PS 184, New York, NY

"I loved it. It was a huge success."

---Janet Coppess, Teacher (4th/5th grade), Oakbrook Elementary, Lakewood, WA

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      13 Colonies- Ron Fink & John Heath



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