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Environmental Show
Teacher Reviews

"I just finished reading the Environmental Show and I must say it is brilliant and laugh-out-loud funny! I can't wait to use it with my students! I love the message: we can all play a part in making our planet a better place. Even kids can help save our planet by taking small actions such as recycling, not leaving the water running when they brush their teeth, or simply shutting off the light when they leave the room. Thank you for putting out meaningful plays that my students can get excited about!"

---Theresa Hollinsky, Teacher, Ojibwa Elementary, Macomb MI

"We loved the music and it was hysterically funny. The message was great -- it got us composting the veggies and fruits from our lunches and recycling everything. Many of our parents whom we performed for said it was the best performance they had ever seen from kids (including high school!)."

---Julie Bookwalter, Teacher (K-6th grades), UC Irvine Extended Day Center, Irvine, CA

"By far the most well received and most enjoyable to direct of the many Bad Wolf plays I have produced. It's funny, makes its stewardship point, and the kids loved the plot line. The parents came out to pack the auditorium and offered assistance before, during and after each performance."

---Vince J. Rosato, Teacher (4th grade), Searles Elementary, Union City, CA

"It was a huge hit, and the kids loved performing it." --Gayle, Teacher (6th grade), Cambridge Christian School, Tampa, FL

"As always, kids and adults love the humor and the variety of styles is great music experience for students."

---Blythe Shelley, Teacher (4th and 5th grades) Mary Collins School at Cherry Valley, Petaluma, CA

"We had done many plays and musicals with our K-6th graders over the years, and I just wanted to let you know that this was the best show that we have ever put on! We loved the music. It was fantastic- easy to learn and with SO much good information in it (our children will never forget what goes into compost or why CO2 is bad for the environment!). It was hysterically funny and the parts lent themselves well to a mixed age group (we have kinder-6th graders!) The message was great. It got us composting the veggies and fruits form our lunches and recycling everything. Parents, grandparents, and teachers said it was the most professional, fun and lively production they had ever seen from kids (including high school!). We are happy to have discovered Bad Wolf Press and I have passed on the information to teachers at my kids' school. Thanks again!" --Julie Bookwalter L.C.S.W., Director (Kinder - 6th grades), UC Irvine Extended Day Center, Irvine, CA

"What fun! The kids loved it. The audience was even the singing the songs as they left. Parents told me they learned a lot and that they liked the information." -Shelly Trumpey, Teacher (3rd grade), Farley Hill Elementary, Pinckney, MI

"A wonderful way for our fourth graders to participate in a green project at our school. Teachers, parents and students loved the songs." -Ann Campbell, Teacher (4th grade), Englewood Elementary, Tuscaloosa, AL

"Fun to learn songs! Upbeat music with a great message! My class really enjoyed performing and staging this production"

---Diane Esten, Teacher (5th grade),St. George's Episcopal Day School, Clarksdale, MS

"Great environmental play to teach about saving our earth. Kids enjoyed it too!"

---Shannon Gerik, Teacher (4th and 5th grades), Columbus Elementary, Columbus, TX

"Fabulous! Amazing dialogue and music. Every single song is terrific. Bravo, this is your best one yet. Can't wait to see what else you have in store...”"

---Evelyn Pike, Teacher (Music), Elmwood School, Ottawa, ON, Canada





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