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Geology ROCKS!
Teacher Reviews

"A wonderful play that gets to discoveries of rocks. My students loved the whole mystery that centered around a rock theme. They play aligned perfectly with our standards. It was a great way to reinforce what they already learned. Thanks to Bad Wolf Press for making learning fun and exciting!"

---Leslie Antosy-Flores, Teacher, (Teacher-4th grades) Star View School, Midway City, CA

"The students absolutely love it! I appreciated it because it covered so much content area in a short time. Everything the students learned was covered, so I felt confident that I met all benchmarks...The students always looked forward to our practices. I'm still singing the songs in my head!" --Ginger Becker, Teacher (4th grade), Marion Elementary, Marion, KS.

"This was my first year to teach science and this musical was an awesome supplement. The students had a blast while learning. They even sing the songs when we go on field trips."

---Darlene Young, Teacher (6th grade), LBJ Middle School, Johnson City, TX

"I thought it was marvelous! The songs and actions were easy and there were enough parts for everyone. Thank you for this invaluable resource!"

---Diana Yoon, Teacher (6th grade) Stoddard School, Anaheim, CA

"Excellent!!! The students learned so much. We were doing a science unit on geology too."

---Judy Redman, Teacher (3rd grade) Highland Grove School, Highland, CA

"The students learned the songs quickly and gain a lot of knowledge. Our science teacher said the play meets the requirements of the 5th grade Taks science test. We accomplished the whole play in 20 days."

---Melodee Christian, Teacher (3rd grade) Haskell Elementary, Haskell, TX

"Great show---the kids and parents loved it!"

---Maria Makevicius, Teacher (4th-6th grades) The Montessori School of Pensacola, Pensacola, FL

"I enjoyed the music, humor and knowledge base. The school audience was very responsive. They loved the humor. I love being able to listen to music samples on your website. (Keep writing. I feel like I have hit on a gold mine)."

---Cindy Martinson, Teacher (2nd grade) Hermantown Elementary, Hermantown, MN

"The kids love it and so do I. I am not musically timid, but love doing your shows anyway because there are fun. I like the fact that you include different styles of music (country, rock, etc) everyone has something to enjoy. Great content. Good staging tips, etc."

---Katie Robinson, Teacher (2nd grade) Green Valley School, Danville, CA

"I would tell a teacher who has never done a play or a musical to relax and enjoy the process. The CD helps tremendously, and there are plenty of parts to match different student personalities. Doing the play was fun for all of us. Our headmaster just told me he's gotten nothing done all morning because he's been fielding compliments about our play."

---Susanne Tomillon, Teacher (2nd), Grymes Memorial School, Orange, VA

"Love it! Very educational."

---Linda May, Teacher (5th grade), Centennial Arts Academy, Gainesville, GA.

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      Geology ROCKS!- Ron Fink & John Heath



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