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U.S. Geography
Teacher Reviews

"Tremendous response!! I've done four other plays, but I wanted to try this new one, and I've already received more positive response from the teachers and students than ever before! One first grade teacher said her kids were excited when they heard a state mentioned that they had a connection to: 'Hey...Colorado is where my Grandma lives!'

"Another 5th grade teacher thought it was an excellent curriculum match for 5th grade. (It is!) Most of all (as always), my kids really got into it, and made it THEIRS, adding their own special flavor in performing it! I can't wait to hear the parents' responses tonight...I'll have to update you on that later! Thanks!"

---Cathy Faust, (5th grade) Cram Elementary, Highland, CA

"My homeroom students begged to sing 'U.S. Geography' every social studies class. The kids took over and loved the show, as did the parents and other 5th grade classes. After our performance, I gave my class and another teacher's class a test on capital. My class did significantly better, with no one missing more than five capitals."

---Jean Boatman (5th grade) Four Peaks Elementary, Fountain Hills, AZ

"I almost chickened out---glad I didn't. Keep doing what you're doing. The kids love it, most parents pick up on the humor and enjoy the play and watching their kids."

---Karen Rosholt, (4th/5th grades) Sierra School, Placerville, CA

"Love it! This has been so much fun watching the music bring energy into the classroom."

---Patti Ewold, (5th grade) Peavine Elementary, Reno, NV

"Rehearsals are going very well. I hardly have to do anything but manage---the kids have the creative ideas for choreography, props, etc. They are very enthusiastic. Connects so perfectly to our social studies unit. I love the humor and laid back attitude! The kids enjoyed looking up and learning the vocabulary."

---Nancy Fitzgerald, (4th grade) Media Elementary, Media, PA


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