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Water Cycle Boogie
Song for Teaching About the Properties of Water
Doug "Dirt" Greenfield and The Banana Slug String Band


The Banana Slug String Band performs this song on Singing in Our Garden

Evaporation, Condensation, Precipitation
The water cycle boogie goes round and round
The water cycle boogie goes up and down

The sun gives the water cycle power to spin
The water goes up and down again
The surface of all water heats up with the sun
The vapor rises up and then the boogies begun
What's that called?  What's that called?


Water holds together chemically
Hydrogen bonding is what you see
All those airborne vapors they squeeze together
To form a cloud that could change the weather
What's that called?  What's that called?


All those dark clouds can't hold together
Water boogies down bringing stormy weather
Fog, rain, hail, flurries, ice and sleet
Splish, splash, and crunch underneath your feet
What's that called? What's that called?


Two thirds of the earth is water, it's true
Gives life to every plant and animal too
Respect water's power, only use your share
Don't waste a drop, there's none to spare
Let's do the water cycle boogie again,
Let's go for another spin!



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Arranged and © 1989 Banana Slug String Band -- Slug Music/ BMI
All Rights Reserved.  Used with permission.

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