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Children's Songs that Teach

The Calendar, Weather, Time and Seasons
Calendar & Weather Songs

These children's songs that teach the calendar, time and seasons are available from a variety of albums: 

 Songs for Teaching the Days of the Week
Days of the Week– Arnold Rosenthal
Days of the Week– Kiboomu
Days of the Week– Marilyn M. Linford
The Days of the Week– Music with Mar.
Days, Weeks, Months, Years, Decade, Century– Kathleen Wiley
The January February "March"– Jim Rule
My Seven Days– Stephen Fite
Rock n' Roll Days of the Week– Jack Hartmann
Saturday– Vivi Melody & Family
Seven Days a Week– Stephen Fite
Start the Day– Jack Hartmann
Three Days in a Row– Jack Hartmann
Today Is Monday– Traditional Song
Today Is Sunday– Mr. R's Songs That Teach
Today, Yesterday and Tomorrow– Jack Hartmann
The 7 Days a Week Song– Tim Pacific
7 Days of the Week– Ron Brown

 Songs for Teaching the Months of the Year
12 Months by the Numbers Song– Musical Recall
April– Listen and Learn
Birthdays (Months of the Year)– Jack Hartmann
Birthday Rap (Months of the Year)– Jack Hartmann
Calendar Polka– Music with Mar.
December– Listen and Learn
February– Listen and Learn
The First Month of the Year (January)– Jack Hartmann
Happy New Year– Linda Brown/Dr. Thomas Moore
January– Listen and Learn
July– Listen and Learn
June– Listen and Learn
March– Listen and Learn
Months of the YearMonths of the Year Cheer– Jack Hartmann
October– Listen and Learn
September– Listen and Learn
The Twelve Months– Marilyn M. Linford
Twelve Months in the Year– Arnold Rosenthal
Twelve Months In A Year– Ron Brown
Twelve Months In A Year– Stephen Fite
30 Days Has September– Jack Hartmann

Songs for Teaching the Four Seasons
Autumn Days– Pam Minor
Four Seasons– Jeff Schroeder
Four Seasons– Keystone Creations
Four Seasons– Vivi Melody & Family
Seasons– Fran Avni
Summer Time, Winter Time– Colleen & Uncle Squaty

Songs for Each Season
Spring Season Songs

Summer Season Songs
Autumn Season Songs
Winter Season Songs

Songs for Teaching about Weather
Groundhog Day Song– Marla Lewis
Indian Summer Song– Barbara Klaskin Silberg - The W.L.A. Children's Choir
It's a Cloudy Day– Ron Brown
My Favorite Apple Tree– Fred Gee
Nature's Way– Shari and Jerry
Rain, Snow, Hail or Sleet– Ron Brown
Rainy Day– Listen and Learn
So Cold Outside– Fran Avni
Thunder Cake– Sam Jones
Tornadoes– Ron Brown
Weather– Music 4 Preschoolers™
The Weather– Music with Mar.
Weather Words– Ron Brown
What Dance You Wanna Do?– Colleen & Uncle Squaty
What Else Do I Need?– Listen and Learn
What's the Weather Like Today?– Kiboomu Music
What's the Weather Outside? – Stephen Fite
What Will the Weather Be?– Jennifer Fixman
Whatever the Weather– Jackie Silberg
What's the Weather?– Rachel Sumner
Wind– Jackie Cytrinbaum
Wind– Ron Brown

Songs that Teach Children How to Tell Time and Read the Clock
Hip-Hop Around the Clock– Jack Hartmann
Sixty Seconds in One Minute– Jennifer Fixman
Telling Time– Jennifer Fixman
Tick Tock– Jim Rule

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