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Autumn Days
Pam the Kindersinger
Pam Minor

This song is available on Pam Minor's Whoooo Likes Halloween?

Autumn is the time of year
Dad builds a fire we gather near
Chilly weather wear a sweater
Leaves go crunch
Here’s a mug of steaming tea won’t you come sit next to me
Chilly weather where’s my sweater
Leaves go crunch

Rake rake use your muscle
Leaves fall rustle rustle
Shake shake hustle hustle (repeat)

Fall is time for taking walks
Crispy apples cozy talks
Coats are worn we’ll pop some corn
Here have a munch
When hot chocolate tastes so good please have some I knew you would
My coat feels warm we’ll pop some corn
Here have a munch

Autumn’s time for raking leaves
Football games are on TV
Festivals and ghosts and ghouls and
Thanksgiving brunch
I’m so tired of raking leaves gee there sure are lots of trees
I’ll make some soup with loop de loops
Let’s have lunch


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Many thanks to Pam Minor for permission to display these lyrics.
© Pam Minor. All rights reserved. Used with permission.


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