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It's Spring
Song For Teaching the Signs of Spring
Pam Minor

This song is available on Pam Minor's "It's Spring Mini-Album"

Birds are singin’, Tweet tweet tweet
Grass grows under, my Feet, feet feet
Sun is beamin’, Heat heat heat
Air is smellin, Sweet, sweet sweet

Birds flit and flutter both the father and the mother 
Build their nest  
Tweet tweet tweet
Take turns a sittin’ on the eggs keep them warm 
And take a rest 
Tweet tweet tweet
Catch a yummy wormy and some bugs they are so squirmy, 
They’re the best 
Tweet tweet Tweet
Take a look around the grass was crunchy 
And so brown under my 
Feet Feet feet feet
See the hint of green 
Why there’s a growin’ machine under my 
Feet Feet feet feet
Grass is growin longer 
Cause the earth is getting warm under my 
Feet Feet feet feet

Days are gettin’ longer and the sun is gettin’ stronger 
Feel the heat 
Heat heat heat
Off comes your coat but you better make a note 
To keep it close, for 
Heat heat heat
Gardens we are tillin’ but the nights are still chillin’ 
Where’s that heat 
Heat heat heat

Bushes and the trees are all bursting with new leaves 
I think it’s neat 
Sweet sweet sweet
Grass is a growin’ now the tractor is a mowin’
Iit smells sweet 
Sweet sweet sweet
Flowers everywhere stick your nose up in the air 
They smell so sweet 
Sweet sweet sweet



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Many thanks to Pam Minor for permission to display these lyrics.
© Pam Minor. All rights reserved. Used with permission.


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