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The Icicle Ball
Song for Celebrating the Winter Season - Lyrics and Sound Clip
Karen Rupprecht & Pam Minor

Vocal      Instrumental
This song is available on Pam Minor and Karen Rupprecht's Winter Holiday Songs.

Let’s stamp stamp stamp
(clap) and stamp our feet (clap)
Gotta keep warm moving to the beat
Wiggle our fingers and then our toes we’re gonna be like Eskimoes
Wiggle our fingers and stretch up tall
We’re going to the Icicle Ball

We are all invited this event I’m told
Is in a giant igloo and it’s very cold
There’s lots of dancing food and fun for all
But you’d better bundle up for the Icicle Ball

Look around the chairs are huge ice cubes
If they ask me to sit I’ll politely refuse
Did you notice they use sleds for tabletops
The centerpieces are bouquets of frozen pops

Our hostess just asked us to sit down please
I hope the food is hot I’m beginning to freeze
So what if our waiter is a polar bear
I wish that I had worn long underwear

Okay it’s official I’m chilled to the bone
A penguin just handed me a grape snow cone
I want to go home I’m beginning to droop
I need to eat a big bowl of vegetable soup

So next time this happens when I give you a call
Remind me how I froze at the Icicle Ball


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Many thanks to Karen Rupprecht & Pam Minor for permission to display these lyrics.
© Karen Rupprecht & Pam Minor. All rights reserved. Used with permission.

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