Calypso Freedom
Cynthia Tierney

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Freedom, give us freedom
Freedom's coming and it won't be long
Well I took a trip on a Greyhound bus
I got to fight segregation
now this we must.
(I got to fight segregation around the nation,
we got to keep on fighting all around the world.)

We met a lot of violence on Mother's Day
(But I ain scared of no violence
I won't run from violence no)
Well on to Mississippi with speed we go
Blue shirted policemen
they meet us at the door.
(but I ain scared of no policemen no they
don't scare me, they can wear blue shirts or
white shirts or any color shirts, I don't care)

Well you can hinder me here,
you can hinder me there
But I go right down on my knees in prayer
(I will pray for freedom
I will sing for freedom I keep a-fighting
for freedom, I keep a marching for freedom)


Many thanks to Cynthia Tierney for permission to publish these lyrics.
© Cynthia Tierney. All rights reserved. Used with permission.