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Campfire Songs

Traditional and Silly Songs for Camp Fire Fun

Campfire Songs

These campfire song lyrics are available from a variety of albums.
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Traditional Secular Campfire Songs

A Place in the Choir – Timmy Abell
Boom Boom, Ain't It Great to Be Crazy? – Traditional Folk Song
Che Che Kooley – Traditional/Colleen & Uncle Squaty
Come and Go With Me – Traditional Song
Down by the Riverside – Traditional Folk Song
Dr. Knickerbocker – Rachel Sumner
Flea Fly – Ellen Allard
Froggie Went a'Courtin' – Timmy Abell
Going On A Bear Hunt – Traditional Chant
Going On A Lion Hunt – Kiboomu Kids Songs
The Green Grass Grew All Around – Traditional
Hello, My Name is Joe – Peter & Ellen Allard
I Love the Mountains – Campfire Song Lyrics
John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt – Traditional
Kumbayah – Traditional African-American Song
Little Cabin in the Woods – Traditional
The Little Green Frog – Jim Rule
The Love Round – Traditional Campfire Song
The More We Get Together - Traditional/Jim Rule
The More We Get Together - Traditional/Marla Lewis
My 25 Favorite Campfire Songs - Denise Gagne Williamson
25 More of My Favorite Campfire Songs - Denise Gagne Williamson
The Paw Paw Patch – Traditional
Popcorn Chant – Ellen Allard
The Riddle Song – Traditional
'Round the Campfire – Kathy Byers
Three Short-Necked Buzzards – Traditional/Colleen and Uncle Squaty
Sing-A-Ling with Friends – Dan Crow
Sleep in a Tent –Wayne Potash
Summer Camp - Kid's eBook – Mary Flynn
We Circle Around – Traditional Arapaho Native American Song
We Shall Not Be Moved – Traditional
We've Got the Whole World in Our Hands
Who Took The Cookie? - Kiboomu Kids Songs

Campfire Songs for Bible Camp

Build the Church – Jean and J. W. Snyder
Children of the Lord (Rise and Shine) – Traditional
Ezekiel Saw a Wheel – Traditional
Father Abraham – Traditional
Fruit of the Spirit – Mrs. Kate
God's Love is Inside Me – Jean and J. W. Snyder
God Is So Good – MMMKids
He Has Come to Save Us All – Jean and J. W. Snyder
He's Got the Whole World In His Hands – MMMKids
Jesus Loves Me – MMMKids
Jesus Loves the Little Children – MMMKids
Joshua Fought the Battle of Jericho – Traditional
Kids Raise in Praise – Mrs. Debbie
Passport to Power – Mrs. Kate
Pow, Pow, Pow – Mrs. Kate
That's in the Hands of God – Jean and J. W. Snyder
This Little Light of Mine – MMMKids
Wade in the Water - Traditional Folk Song
Who Did Swallow Jonah? - Piano Solo/Sheet Music

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