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Fee Fi Fo Fum
Song for Teaching the "F" Sound
Cathy Bollinger

This song is available on Cathy Bollinger's "Singing Sounds."

      It's fun to engage children in this song by having them indicate when they recognize the /f/ sound. They can say the word loudly, raise their hands, hold up a card with "fF" written on it -- or acknowledge that they hear the "f" sound in any way you choose.

Fee fi fo fum — Grab your fiddle and have some fun
Fee fi fo fum — Repeat after me, and the fun’s begun

Fee — fee
Fi — fi
Fo — fo
Fum — fum
Fee fi — Fee fi
Fee fi fo — Fee fi fo
Fee fi fo fum — Fee fi fo fum
Fiddely fi fiddely fum

I love fishing by the old fir tree
Fee fee fi fo fum
All the fishes go swimming 3 by 3
Fee fee fi fo fum


Five fat frogs sitting on a log
Fee fee fi fo fum
Four fell in and got lost in the fog
Fee fee fi fo fum


Phil called Fifi on the telephone
Fee fee fi fo fum
Asked her for a pork chop
All she had was a bone
Fee fee fi fo fum


Fee fi fo fum
Fee fi fo-ing sure can be fun
Fee fi fo fum
Put your fiddle down now cause the song is done


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Many thanks to Cathy Bollinger and EduFun Productions for permission to display these lyrics.
© EduFun Productions and Cathy Bollinger. All rights reserved.


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