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The "When" Song
Teaching Proper Usage of the Word "When"
Cathy Bollinger

This song is available on Cathy Bollinger's "Singing Words."

This song, and others that help distinguish between, "who," "what," "where," "when," and "how."

When do you put on your coat?
When it’s time to go outside |
When do you wear your rubber boots?
When the rain is falling down
When do you sit down for lunch?
At Twelve P.M.
When’s it time to rise and shine?
When the morning comes again

When should I brush my teeth?
After you’ve finished your meal
When do I get a treat?
After you’ve eaten your vegetables

When it rains you need an umbrella
When it snows you want a sled
When you laugh you’re a happy fellow
And when the rooster crows - get out of bed

When can we turn on the heat?
When the chilly wind blows
When can we have a treat?
After you’ve eaten your vegetables


When do I get to play outside?
After you’ve finished your homework
When will you take me for a ride?
After you’ve put on your shoes

When do you want to play hide and seek?
Whenever you’re ready to find me
When is your soccer game this week?
It’s at two o’clock



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Many thanks to Cathy Bollinger and EduFun Productions for permission to display these lyrics.
© EduFun Productions and Cathy Bollinger. All rights reserved.


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