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The "Who" Song
Teaching Proper Usage of the Word "Who"
Cathy Bollinger

This song is available on Cathy Bollinger's "Singing Words."

This song, and others that help distinguish between, "who," "what," "where," "when," and "how."


Who lives next door?
My next-door neighbor Fred
Who is the Baker?
The one who makes the bread

Who drives your car?
It’s usually Mom or Dad
Who’s in charge when your folks go out?
My older brother Chad

And who has curly hair?
I do
Who has blue eyes?
Jay does
Who has glasses that you wear?
I do
Who likes french fries?
I do, me
Who has a dimple on her face?
Mariah does
Who can walk a mile?
I can
Who can jump in place?
Kate can
Who has a great big smile?

Who are your cousins?
Susan, Bill and Dan
Who puts out the fire?
A brave fireman

Who fixes food at a restaurant?
The one we call a chef
Who is your uncle?
My father’s brother Jeff

Repeat Chorus

Who delivers mail?
The faithful mailman
Who lives near Tinkerbell?
Good ole Peter Pan

Who marries a groom?
It always is the bride
Who leads us down the trail
Our favorite nature guide

Who wears braces?
Who makes funny faces?
Who is on your ballteam?
Who likes cake and ice cream?

Who has had a skinned knee?
Who can climb a tree?
Who, who, who, who
There’s no one just like you



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Many thanks to Cathy Bollinger and EduFun Productions for permission to display these lyrics.
© EduFun Productions and Cathy Bollinger. All rights reserved.


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