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Cheers, Chants, Raps, and Poetry 

Why am I including cheers, chants, raps, and poetry in a site about music?
Chanting has many of the benefits of song:
         It uses rhythm and rhyme in an enjoyable way.
         It provides patterns that can make learning easier.
         It builds children's confidence in oral language.
         It can promote a sense of community, which is conducive to learning.
         It provides a change of pace and mood to improve student motivation.
         It offers opportunities for repeated readings, which build fluency.
         It can serve as a writing prompt, offering students the chance to write new verses.
Kids love it!
Chants, raps, cheers, and poetry can be performed anywhere, even if your voice is as bad as mine! I encourage you to incorporate chanting into your lessons, and see how it builds energy for learning.

Special Feature

Sonja Dunn on "The How and Why of Chanting"
          Just What Is A Chant?
          Chanting: A Springboard into Learning
          Dramatic Possibilities With Chants
          Encouraging Students to Write Their Own Chants

These chants and raps song lyrics are available from a variety of albums:

Action Chants
          Going on a Bear Hunt– Traditional/Tickle Tune Typhoon
          The Grand Old Duke of York– Hugh Hanley
          Kye Kye Kule– Traditional/Tickle Tune Typhoon      
          Mashed Potatoes– Katherine Dines    
          Warm Up Time– John "Kinderman" Taylor

Art Raps
          Art, Art, We Love Art!– School Art Theatre Productions
          Colors– John "Kinderman" Taylor
          Review Rap (Famous Artists)– School Art Theatre Productions

Character Education Chants
          Cool Cooperation– James Oglesby
          Dealing With Feelings Rap (The I-Message Song)– Paulette Meier
          Do You Know Your Community Helpers?– Music with Mar.
          I'm A Special Kid– Dr. Thomas Moore
          Low-Down High– Linda K. Williams
          Say "No" to Drugs– John "Kinderman" Taylor
          S.O.S.– John "Kinderman" Taylor
          Wake Up!– John "Kinderman" Taylor
          We Want Peace– John "Kinderman" Taylor

Holiday and Calendar Chants and Raps
          Chant and Sing for Kwanzaa– Caroline Figiel and Danny Jones
          Weekly Rap– Hap Palmer 

French Language Raps
          Comment est-il?– John DeMado
          Je pars en vacances– John DeMado
          Salut!– John DeMado
          Tu fais quoi?– John DeMado

Language Arts: Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling Raps
          The ABC Rap– Steven Widerman And The Gum Rappers
          Alphabet Animals at the Zoo– John "Kinderman" Taylor
          Cookie Mouth Sounds– Music with Mar.
          Grammar Rapper– Dennis Westphall
          Hand Talk– John "Kinderman" Taylor
          Have You Heard About Compound Words?– Jack Hartmann
          Hop Over It– Jack Hartmann
          Keemo Kyemo!– Katherine Dines
          Let's Make Words– Jack Hartmann
          Make a Rhyme, Make a Move– Jack Hartmann
          Make New Sounds– Jack Hartmann
          Move to the Alphabet– Jack Hartmann
          Parts of Speech Rap– Learning by Song
          Peanut Butter and Jelly– Jack Hartmann
          Popcorn Words– Jack Hartmann
          Pronoun Rap– Learning by Song
          Question Marks– Felice Green
          Work Out to the Letter Sounds– Jack Hartmann

Math Chants and Raps
          2's, 2's, I Got a Beat for You (Multiplication Rap)– Earth Tone
          The Add and Subtract Body Part Dance– Jack Hartmann
          Angles– Mary Perrine:  Believers and Achievers
          Chicken Count– Jack Hartmann
          Circles 'Round (Radius, Diameter, Circumference, Pi)– Mary Perrine
          Fifteen March– Ron Brown
          Fusili Turkish Proverb(counting chant)–Katherine Dines
          Hand Clap Rap (Patterns)– Jack Hartmann
          Hip-Hop Around the Clock– Jack Hartmann
          Learn the 7's Right Now (Multiplication Rap)– Earth Tone
          Median Dance– Mary Perrine and Sue Herby:  Believers and Achievers
          Months of the Year Cheer– Jack Hartmann
          Number in the Middle– Jack Hartmann
          Polygon Rap– Mary Perrine: Believers and Achievers
          Teaching "Mode" and "Mean"– Mary Perrine: Believers and Achievers

Multicultural Chants
          Hunk-Ta-Bunk-Ta-Chants–Katherine Dines

          A Pumpkin Sigh Poem– Linda Brown
          The Elf Poem– Linda Brown
          Gingerbread Man Poem– Linda Brown
          The Lamplighter– Robert Louis Stevenson
          Looking Glass River– Robert Louis Stevenson
          My Shadow– Robert Louis Stevenson
          Velvet Faces Poem– Linda Brown
          Whiteness Poem– Linda Brown

Preschool Raps
          Tie Your Shoes Rap– Jack Hartmann

Science Chants and Raps
          The Electric Connection Rap– Kathleen Carroll
          The Longitude / Latitude Rap– Ron Brown
          No Backbone Beat– Tickle Tune Typhoon
          Science Is– Tickle Tune Typhoon
          Six Simple Machine Rap– Jack Hartmann
          Turtle Rap– Stephanie Burton
          Vibration Rap– Kathleen Carroll

Social Studies Raps and Chants
          Abe Lincoln– School Art Theatre Productions
          Canada Chant– Mr. I
          Heroes, Heroes, We Love Heroes!– School Art Theatre Productions
          John F. Kennedy– School Art Theatre Productions
          Martin Luther King Jr.– School Art Theatre Productions
          Thomas Jefferson– School Art Theatre Productions

Spanish Language Raps
          Cómo es tu familia?– John DeMado
          Pajarito (Traditional Mexican Game)– Katherine Dines
          ¿Qué haces para cuidarte?– John DeMado
          ¿Qué te gusta hacer?– John DeMado
          Salut!– John DeMado

Test Taking Raps
          Organize – Musically Aligned
          Test Ready– Musically Aligned
          Test-Taking Preparation Chant #1– Jack Hartmann

Traditional Folk Songs and Nursery Rhymes
          A Crooked Man– John "Kinderman" Taylor
          Doctor, Doctor– Skip West
          Flea Fly Flow Mosquito– Katherine Dines
          Funga A La Feeya– John "Kinderman" Taylor
          Funga A La Feeya (West African)– Katherine Dines
          The Gingerbread Girl– Jim Rule
          Hickory Dickory Dock– John "Kinderman" Taylor
          Humpty Dumpty– Jack Hartmann
          The Humpty Dumpty Sidewalk Chant
          The Itsy Bitsy Spider– Jack Hartmann
          Jack and Jill Went Up the Hill– Jack Hartmann
          Jack Be Nimble, Jack Be Quick– Jack Hartmann
          Little Boy Blue– John "Kinderman" Taylor
          Me Stone Is Me Stone– Katherine Dines
          Mister Ram Goat-O– Katherine Dines
          Paddycake, Paddycake, Baker's Man– Jack Hartmann
          Peter Peter Pumpkin Eater– John "Kinderman" Taylor
          One, Two, Buckle My Shoe– Jack Hartmann
          The Three Little Pigs– Jim Rule  

Transition Raps
          Clean Up Rap (Art Room)– School Art Theatre Productions
          Funga A La Feeya (West African)– Katherine Dines
          Get In Line Rap (Art Room)– School Art Theatre Productions
          Get Your Supplies (Art Room)– School Art Theatre Productions
          Stack Up, Pack Up, Trash Up – Musically Aligned


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