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Too Tall
Song Lyrics and Sound Clip
Andrew Queen and Karen Stille

This song is available on Andrew Queen's GROW

This song is also available as an Individual Song Download.

When I was an itty bitty baby my feet looked like water skis
I had long skinny legs and long skinny arms and great big knobbly knees
My mother took one loving look as I began to bawl
She said with a smile, “Just wait a while this one’s gonna be too tall.”

Too Tall, my feet hang over the bed
Too Tall, I’m always bumping my head

People always ask me, “Do you play basketball?”
“How’s the weather up there?” and “How did you get so tall?”
Well it’s not from eating spinach or munching on string beans
I stand up tall like a tower on account of my family’s too tall genes

My friends used to say that when I turn sideways I practically disappear
Toothpick! Skinny Bones! Stretch! and Slim! are some of the taunts that I’d hear
“You better watch out on a windy day, you might just blow away”
I wished I could be the Bionic Man just to hear what they would say

I’ve taken trips on aeroplanes with my knees buckled up to my chin
I’ve cracked my head on door frames in almost every house that I’m in
And just for the record I’m not very good at basketball
Just some of the trials and tribulations of being too tall


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Many thanks to Andrew Queen for permission to publish these lyrics.
© Andrew Queen. All rights reserved. Used with permission.


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