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FAQ for Prospective Artists

What do I need to do be included on SongsForTeaching.com? 
     Actually, we regretfully are able to accept very few new submissions. New materials that are accepted must
meet the following criteria:
          1. The music must be of high quality.
          2. The content must be educationally useful and appropriate.
          3. The production value must be professional quality.

What are the advantages of being on SongsForTeaching.com? 
     SongsForTeaching.com is the premier online source for educational music. We rank at the top of most educational song topics on search engines worldwide. Our readers know that they can trust our selections, and turn to us first when they need a song on any given topic. Many artists have discovered that when we promote their educational music, they make more money than they used to on all of the other download sites combined. 
     Several of our artists have received lucrative licensing offers from around the world as the result of their presence on SongsForTeaching.com

How do I get paid for my downloads? 
     • Our automated system pays you 60% of all downloads sold for exclusive items and 50% for non-exclusive items
        (Items are considered "exclusive" if sold only on our web-site and the artist's personal site)
     • You may log into this system and check your earnings at any time, 24/7. 
     • We send out checks about 15 days after the end of the month for any amounts over $25.00
        that have accrued. 
        (If you haven't earned at least $25.00 in any given month, we carry your earnings over until that
        amount is reached. Then we send you the total about 15 days after the end of the month.)

How do I get paid for my hard copies of CDs, DVDs and books? 
     We order a limited selection of hard copies on a consignment basis, and pay you 50% of the retail price.

Do you charge a set-up fee? 
     Yes. When we accept a product, there is considerable set up work involved. We charge $25 for a new artist and $10 per CD ($20 per CD with individual downloads added). Single songs (not on an album) are $5 each. Set-up costs include an initial promotion of your products on our New & Notable section, listed in our What's New newsletter, Facebook posting (930,000 Likes) and Pinterest posting.

What else should I know? 
     • Your presence on SongsForTeaching.com is a great promotional tool for you. We categorize your 
        music by topic... and by sub-topic for a large worldwide audience.
     • We handle the credit card payments, and help customers with their downloads.
     • Although we sell your music, you remain the rightsholder to your music.

How do I submit my music to Songs For Teaching®?  
     Please send us one of the following, along with your email address and phone number.

  • Email us with the web address of your own website, if it has sound clips that we can stream.
  • Email us short mp3 clips of the music you would like us to consider.
  • Mail an audio disc to us at the address on the bottom of this page.

Comments from some of our happy artists:

Songs for Teaching® does the best job of targeting customers searching for educational songs.  They have,
      without question, the most useful, user-friendly site for locating and purchasing CDs or downloads. 
I am thoroughly satisfied with their handling of sales of my music, and I am delighted to have been
      associated with them for many years.

-- Teacher, Songwriter and Artist J.P. Taylor

Songs For Teaching® is a household name amongst other music therapists, educators, and parents,
      all of whom make up my target market.
I can rest assured that my songs are being seen and heard – not to mention purchased! – by the
      audience for which they are intended. I can’t say the same about my experiences with other
      vendors, where my music was just another fish in a gigantic ocean.
Your courtesy and willingness to help your artists is second to none.

-- Music Therapist Rachel Rambach

My hard copy sales with you FAR exceed the sales were getting on Amazon.com.
Your email updates make it easy to track the digital downloads from your site. These sales were
     substantial right from the beginning, and continue to grow.
We receive payment for product shipped and download fees in a timely manner, and you are always
      pleasant to speak to over the phone.
I would highly recommend you to anyone wishing greater sales and exposure for their educational
      music products.

-- Charles Webb, owner of Earth Tone Enterprises

I sell far more CDs than I ever did on Amazon.
I appreciate that only complete album downloads [of my music] are offered -- not individual songs.
      It works for me!
I receive individual email reports for each download, and even higher net profits than with CDs.

If you have the kind of material that belongs on this site intended for teachers, parents and anyone
      interested in songs for teaching, I would strongly recommend that you give it a try.

 -- Teacher, Songwriter and Artist Jim Rule

My music has earned more money from downloads at SongsForTeaching.com than from Amazon, iTunes,
     and CDBaby combined! It's gotten to the point where I simply send my new songs to you at
     SongsForTeaching exclusively.
Both of you have been so supportive and astute in giving me feedback on my work.

To every artist who writes educational, entertaining songs for kids, I recommend this: Submit your music to
     SongsForTeaching right away. What are you waiting for?

-- Teacher, Songwriter and Artist Marla Lewis