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Green is the Scene
Color Song Lyrics and Sound Clip
Andrew Queen & Karen Stille

This song is available on Andrew Queen's GROW

This song is also available on Andrew Queen's Colours


Broccoli, spinach, lettuce, peas
Frogs and turtles, plants and trees
Icky sticky boogers from an ogre's sneeze
What’s the same in all of these?

Green is the scene
Green is what I mean
Green is the scene
Green is what I mean

Green is the colour that they share
Just like Kermit's wavy hair
When you're driving green means go
Go clip the nails off a dragon's toe

Green is slimy guts and goo
Moss and mould and a witch's brew
I once saw a snake and a lizard too
Playing on a tuba and a big kazoo


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Many thanks to Andrew Queen for permission to publish these lyrics.
© Andrew Queen. All rights reserved. Used with permission.


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