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Orange is the Thing
Color Song Lyrics and Sound Clip
Andrew Queen & Karen Stille

This song is available on Andrew Queen's GROW

This song is also available on Andrew Queen's Colours


Sing, sing, sing! Orange is the thing
Smiles and laughter fill the air around the campfire ring
Sing, sing, sing! Orange is the thing
Makes the world around us bright so sing, sing, sing!

Once there was a little mouse, his name it doesn’t matter
Had a pumpkin for a house and his heart went pitter-patter
For a ginger cat came creeping round looking for some dinner
Peeked through the jack-o-lantern’s eye, the mouse began to quiver

That old tomcat was clever, had brought along some cheese
Made a trail of cheddar bits and hid behind some trees
But the mouse popped out of the pumpkin’s nose, ran for the setting sun
Found haven in a carrot patch. That lucky mouse had won

Once there was a little girl staring into a stream
Sparkling scales of goldfish tails led her into a dream
Robins flew into the blue and tangerine skies
Orange stripes of tigers danced with monarch butterflies

So if you’re feeling sad someday you know what you can do
Imagine something orange to warm your body through
Mangos, peaches, clementines and long summer days
Fill your mind with bright sunshine and chase those blues away


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Many thanks to Andrew Queen for permission to publish these lyrics.
© Andrew Queen. All rights reserved. Used with permission.


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