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Bus Driver
Song About Being a Bus Driver
Sam Jones

This song is available on Sam Jones' Puppy Dog Blues.

We have a new bus driver on our going home bus
When she told us her rules she made quite a fuss
She said I’ve seen it all so don’t you even think
You can get one by me just because I wear pink
If it’s trouble you want you’d be better off dead
Because I have eyes in the back of my head

I do have some stories that I think I should mention
Like the kid on my bus who served one year’s detention
Or the time when I drove through a blizzard in Nome 
Two kids broke the rules and I made them walk home
So you’d better beware now that I am in town
Her speech finally ended that’s when she turned around

She seemed pretty mean
She seemed pretty tough
I made the mistake of calling her bluff
I pulled Sally’s hair
I thought that was cool
‘Til she dropped the kids off and drove me back to school
I wish I had believed everything she had said
She really has eyes in the back of her head

Now I’ve learned my lesson
I’m a model bus rider
Our bus driver sits me in the seat right behind her


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Many thanks to Sam Jones for permission to publish these lyrics.
© Sam Jones. All rights reserved. Used with permission.

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