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The Freedom Three

(George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, and Martin Luther King, Jr.)
Lauren Mayer

This song is available on Curriculum Rocks' First Grade Rocks!

Three cheers for the freedom three
People who were part of our country's history
They fought for freedom, and now we sing
About Washington and Lincoln and King

George Washington, the father of our country
Had to fight for the right to be independent
Helped us to be the land of the free
And formed a Bill of Rights which we still defend.


Abraham Lincoln put an end to slavery
Signed the Emancipation Proclamation
He helped to restore
That's why his birthday is a holiday


Martin Luther King battled segregation
Sep'rate busses, sep'rate schools, and even water fountains
Said it's wrong to hate and to discriminate
That's why we admire him as a hero now.


Tag: George Washington, Abraham Lincoln and Martin Luther King!


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State of California Educational/Curriculum Standards addressed by this song:
     Music 2.0 (Create, perform and participate in music.)
     Music 5.0 (Connect and apply music to other art forms & subject areas)
     Social Science 1.3.2 (Significance of national holidays) Achievements of Washington, Lincoln & Martin Luther King Jr

Many thanks to Lauren Mayer for permission to display these lyrics.
© Lauren Mayer . All rights reserved. Used with permission.


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