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Life Cycles

Song For Explaining Birth Through Death
Lauren Mayer

This song is available on Curriculum Rocks' Second Grade Rocks!

That big oak tree, used to be
A tiny seed down in the ground.
Years went by, it grew real high,
And now there's shade all around.
It's growing acorns, which will fall,
And though you know one seems so small.
In the dirt eventually,
It turns into another tree!

Cause life has cycles for ev'ry living thing.
(Life cycles, ooh, life cycles)
For plants and animals, like we're studying.
(Life cycles, ooh, life cycles)
Ev'ry species reproduces,
Each stage of nature has its uses,
Go, go, going in a circle endlessly
Life cycles are the key.

Do you know why, a butterfly
Can change completely what it is.
First it's a larva, then a pupa wrapped up in a chrysallis.
Sure, it looks a little strange,
But while it hides it starts to change.
When it comes out, fully grown,
It lays larva of its own!

yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah,

Each organism becomes what it's meant to be
(Ev'ry creature has its own features)
From its parents, it inherits genetically
(Life cycles, ooh!)

Life cycles are the key.
Life cycles are the key! (Life cycles, yeah!)


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Many thanks to Lauren Mayer for permission to display these lyrics.
© Lauren Mayer . All rights reserved. Used with permission.


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