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Reading to Learn

Reading to Gain Information
Lauren Mayer

Reading to Learn Song

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I learned my ABCs a long time ago
And I thought I was on my way
But there was still alot I didn't know
So I learned new words every day
This is the year here, we've got it made
We put it all together in second grade

Reading to learn, now that I've learned to read
I can get the information I need
Read about scientists or history
Government , maps, or the plants I see
The whole wide world is open to me
Now that I read to learn

Check out the title page, and open a book
Any fact I could want is there
Table of contents shows me where to look
Which chapter, which page, and where
Learning to read was just the start
Now I'm using reading to make me smart!


If I find new vocabulary
I even know how to use a dictionary
I'll look up the words, cause I can alphabetize
I'll learn alot if I pay attention
By using my best comprehension
So watch me read, cause you're in for a surprise!

I'm using books every day in school,
Learning things I need to know
Doing research which is really cool
And a book is the place to go
I'm on my way, I've got it made
We put it all together in second grade!

Now that I read to learn
Now that I read to learn!


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Many thanks to Lauren Mayer for permission to display these lyrics.
© Lauren Mayer . All rights reserved. Used with permission.


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