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The Opposite Song
Dr. Jean Feldman


Dr. Jean performs this song on Keep on Singing and Dancing!  

See also: Dr. Jean's Spanish version of this song.

We can do opposites, opposites, opposites.
We can do opposites follow me.

   Top and bottom

   Front and back  

   Happy and sad

   Left and right

   Up and down

   LOUD and soft

   Open and shut

   Stand and sit

   and put them in your lap!




(Point to top of head, then bottom of foot.)
(Touch front, then back.)

(Make a happy face, then look sad.)

(Extend left arm, then right.)

(Point up and then down.)

(Shout and whisper.)

(Open and close fists.)

(Stand up and sit down.)

(Put your hands in your lap.)


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