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The Funky Fractions Rap
Making Fractions Fun
Earth Tone Enterprises

This song is available on Earth Tone's Mind Games

Break it down, break it down, check the thesis, 
a fraction is part of something broken into pieces 

Any measurement that's not a whole unit is called a fraction. 
This is how we’re doin’ it 

Rap Verse One:
I’ve got a little story and its all about fractions 
So pay attention and follow the action 
I was…

Then my…


Rap Verse Two:
The whole candy bar is one unit you see… 

The bottom numeral, or the one on the right…

But it could be any numeral…

It could be 12 inches in a foot… 

Get the idea....Now what we gonna do?!


The numeral on the left, or the top of the fraction…

Each of my friends got 1 piece of the bar…

“So, each of your friends got ¼ of the bar…”

Each of the fellas got ¼, you see…

“And that’s how we deal with fractions.
Divide a unit into any number of…

Numerator on top.
Denominator on the bottom…


The remaining lyrics appear on Mind Games: Educational Hip Hop.



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Many thanks to Earth Tone Enterprises for permission to display these lyrics.
© Earth Tone Enterprises. All rights reserved. Used with permission.


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