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The Homonym Game
Recognizing Homonyms
Earth Tone Enterprises

This song is available on Earth Tone's Mind Games

Let's play The Homonym Game

Two words that sound the same - but they don't mean the same...Homonyms
Two words that sound the same - but they don't mean the same...Homonyms

Now, homonyms are simple, if you don't get confused
Just follow along while I lay down the rules
If you say two words that sound just the same, but they have different meanings
That's The Homonym Game


Now check this out
There's one more thing you need to realize
Homonyms can be spelled different, so don't be surprised
Now I think it's time to try it, I'm sure you're gonna like it
Let's all get set to play The Homonym Game

H-A-R-E hare that's a rabbit, you know, and
H-A-I-R hair that's the stuff your head grows
P-A-I-R pair like new shoes for your feet
P-E-A-R pear a juicy fruit you eat
S-U-N sun a star up in the sky
S-O-N son a child who is a guy
W-O-O-D that's wood from a tree and
W-O-U-L-D would you dance with me?!

Let's play The Homonym Game


You're doing real good so now let's add a twist
Homonyms that are spelled the same can be on our list...

The remaining lyrics appear on Mind Games: Educational Hip Hop.



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Many thanks to Earth Tone Enterprises for permission to display these lyrics.
© Earth Tone Enterprises. All rights reserved. Used with permission.


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