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The Verb Rap
Song for Recognizing Verbs and How to Use Them
Earth Tone Enterprises

This song is available on Earth Tone's Mind Games

Musical Chorus:
Talking 'bout all the words that are verbs 
Don't you know they are action words? 
Without verbs no sentence is complete 
Learning verbs is as fun as this beat

Musical Verse One: 
Don't care what you've heard now. 
Verbs are action words now. 
Use 'em when somebody's doing something 
Anything that happens needs a verb to begin 
Here're examples to show what I mean 

"You can hear the music play every night and every day." 
This is a sentence with two verbs in it. 
HEAR is something that you do with your ears, you know it's true 
PLAY is what the music does, now sing the hook because..... 

Musical Chorus

Rap Section
Rap Verse One:
You listen to your teacher 
You play with your friends… 

You ride your bike and you mow the lawn 
You sleep in your bed 'till the break of dawn… 

You tell a funny joke and your friends all laugh 
Verbs are the action words you got to have… 

Rap Verse Two:
Do yourself a favor…
If you practice real hard and learn these rhymes
You’ll know a lot of verbs in a very short time

You’ll get good grades and impress your friends
Fun with verbs never ever ends
Just remember one thing – the important part
Is that verbs are the words that make the action start!

Musical Chorus

Rap Verse Three:
I know how you feel now
Verbs are the real deal now…

“Dancing to this groove is the way I like to move.”
This is a sentence with three verbs in it.
“Dancing” is a verb, it’s true…

Musical Chorus

Rap Section

Musical Chorus


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Many thanks to Earth Tone Enterprises for permission to display these lyrics.
© Earth Tone Enterprises. All rights reserved. Used with permission.


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