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Recommended Educational Songs

By Subject

Mathematics Songs

    Early Numbers and Counting
    Addition and Subtraction
    Multiplication and Division
    Middle/High School Math
    General Math Songs

Reading and Language Arts Songs
    Alphabet and Phonics
    Phonological Awareness
    Grammar, Punctuation & Spelling
    Reading Comprehension
    Writing Skills and Motivation
    General Language Arts Songs

Science Songs
    Environment and Nature
    Healthy Habits and The Human Body
    Life Sciences
    Outer Space
    Physical Sciences

Food and Healthy Eating Habits
    Food and Nutrition

General Education Songs
    Preschool / Kindergarten
    Chants and Raps for All Ages
    Classroom Transitions
    Study Skills and Test-Taking Strategies

Special Education Songs
    Song Recommendations

Seasons and Holidays
    The Weather and Seasons
    The Holidays


The Fine Arts
    Art Appreciation and Theory
    Music Appreciation and Theory

Religion and Inspiration
    Song Recommendations

Special Occasions
    Graduation Day Ceremonies
    School Concerts and Presentations



    English: ESL - EFL - ESOL
    Spanish for Beginning Learners
    Spanish for Advanced Learners 

Social Studies Songs
    African American History and Culture
    American History and Government
    Canadian History and Culture
    Diversity and Multiculturalism
    Folk Music
    Pioneers and the Old West
    U.S. Presidents

Early Childhood Songs
    Action and Movement Songs
    The Calendar and Seasons
    Cars, Trucks, and Trains & School Busses
    Circle Time
    Colors, Shapes and Sizes
    Everyday Routines
    Lullabies and Quiet Time Songs
    Number & Counting Skills
    Nursery Rhymes
    Playing with Babies
    Preschool & Kindergarten Songs

Character Education Songs    
    Diversity - Multiculturalism
    Friendship & Conflict Resolution
    Homes & Communities
    Positive Attitudes
    Safety and Fire Safety
    Study Habits and Test-Taking Skills

Songbooks and Sheet Music
    Sheet Music  

The Songs for Teaching Store
    Browse By Artist
    Offline Order Form
    Gift Certificates

Educational References and
Teaching Tips

    Articles Supporting the Use of Music in Teaching
    Tips for Incorporating Music in the Classroom
    Teacher Resource Materials



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